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Seegars Fence Helping Hands 2021 Community Project: Goldsboro Salvation Army Fence and Gate Donation

Seegars Fence Company is proud of our history of being an active and supporting member of the communities in which we have served across the Carolinas since 1949. Over the seven decades, we have looked for opportunities to reach out to those in need by sponsoring the good work of veteran’s groups, local schools, public institutions, churches, charities, and their fundraising activities. Beginning in 2021, Seegars Fence Company decided to take a direct step deeper by launching Seegars Helping Hands Community Project to bring our mission statement “To Change the World One Linear Foot at the Time” to life.

Each year the Seegars Fence Goldsboro Team will select a community project to which perimeter security comprised of both fence and gates will be donated and personally installed by the staff working in the Seegars Corporate office.

Our 2021 Helping Hands Project benefitted the Wayne County Salvation Army. We became aware of an issue with the Family Store’s home furnishings and clothing donations that were being made outside of the regular business hours. After each weekend, the volunteers and staff would be confronted by a pile of donations around the dumpster and front door, possibly spoiled by rain and pilfered by visitors. The mess left behind had to be loaded up and driven to the county dump. This weekly scenario was causing the Salvation Army to absorb $20,000 in removal costs each year, not to mention the loss from the sales of the donations spoiled to taken. A perimeter fence with gates around the parking lot and dumpster would be a solution to the problem. On May 10, 2021 the SFC Goldsboro team completed the project. The Seegars Fence team was excited to give back to the community that has been so good to them since 1949, and looks forward to the next project in 2022!!!


Local Press:

Seegars Fence Co. donates, installs fencing at Salvation Army



2022 Helping Hands Community Project:

Wayne Pregnancy Center Playground Fence!

2022 Helping Hands Project Local Press

2022 WPC Playground Fence Video

2023 Helping Hands Community Project Video 


We are now accepting applications for the 2024 Helping Hands Project. There are three required criteria for selection: 

1. The project must be in Wayne County, N.C. 

2. The work should serve the good of the public and community. 

3. The deadline for submissions is May 1st. , 2024. 

Please write a brief description of your project proposal and scope below for consideration. Thank You!

Helping Hands Project Proposal for 2024 Consideration

Helping Hands Project Proposal for 2024 Consideration