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Access Control

Access Control Gates from Seegars Fence Company

At Seegars Fence Company, we take the security of your residential, commercial, industrial or government facility seriously. We are proud to offer a wide selection of Automatic Gate operators and access control fencing solutions for a variety of residential and commercial applications, from gated communities in Raleigh, NC, to self-storage centers in Columbia, SC, and beyond.

Browse our selection of security gates and services below. When you work with Seegars, you’ll find everything you need, whether you’re looking for gate operator safety accessories or a preventative maintenance program.

If you are interested in learning more about access control fencing and gate technologies from Seegars Fence Company, contact us today to speak with our local fencing experts. You can also fill out the form to the right to request a free service quote.

Protect your business in North Carolina and South Carolina with Access Control Security from Seegars Fence Company by contacting one of our 15 branch offices located across the Carolinas 1-888-SEEGARS!

Automated Swing Gate Operators

Seegars Fence Company offers Automated swing gate openers for both residential and commercial applications which open your gate with the simple push of a button. With a variety of models from the industry’s best brands — LiftMaster, DoorKing, and Viking — we have the ideal swing gate operator for your NC, SC home, or business. Safety Guidelines are less restrictive for Automatically controlled Swing Gates and therefore allow for a broad selection of custom personalization, like adding company logos, family names, and addresses to your gates. 

Automatic Slide Gate Operators

Your commercial or industrial property deserves security measures that are effective, simple, and reliable. Ensure the safety of your property, inventory, and staff with a sliding gate opener from Seegars Fence Company. Automatic Sliding Gates are a great option when driveway space is close to the road, limited, or obstructed by landscaping. Sliding Cantilever Gates will retract along the line of the adjacent fence. 

Convenient Access Control Options & Add-Ons

Seegars Fence Company offers a variety of access control add-ons to enhance your slide or swing gate operators. Choose from convenient accessories such as wireless keypads, push-button remotes for your vehicle visor, telephone entry systems, vibration sensor probes, solar-powered operators for off-the-grid locations, and more.

Safety Regulations

At Seegars Fence Company, we are committed to the highest standards of safety. Each of our gate access installations meets all required IBC and IFC regulations to ensure the safety of both property and human lives. Seegars Fence Company Adheres to the UL 325 Safety Regulations Associated with Automated Gates in order to prevent injury, tampering with the motorized operator, and to protect against frivolous personal injury lawsuits. 

UL 325 Safety Guidelines for Fabrication and Installation of Automated Sliding Gates.  

Access Control Gates Are Composed of a 3 Part System: Control, Gate, and Automatic Operator.   

UL-325 Safety Detail: Double Pickets with 2 1/4″ Spaces Between Pickets at the Moving Areas. 


Old Gate Update: Tamper Proof Steel Panels Can Be Installed Over 4″ Spaced Pickets to Meet UL-325 Safety Guidelines. 

Seegars Commercial Gate Examples: