Airport Perimeter Security Fence & Access Control Gates

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The FAA Airport Perimeter Security Updates are critical to ensure an ultimate level of human safety and security of goods transported by air from North Carolina and South Carolina airports.

Seegars Fence Company and Allison Fence Company possess decades of experience and dedicated professional expertise in working with our nation’s military bases and regional airports by providing high-security perimeter fence, access control gates, and mandatory upgrades. The Seegars Fence Company Fabrication Facility is located in Goldsboro, North Carolina near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base which Seegars has serviced consistently through the years.

8FT Airport Perimeter Security Fence by Seegars Fence Company
Tarmac Keypad Access Control gate by Seegars Fence Company
Aviation Security Access Control Drive Gate by Seegars Fence Company
Tamper-proof Airport Security Gate by Seegars Fence Company
Airport Apron Perimeter Security Fence by Seegars Fence Company

Seegars Fence Company has Served North Carolina and South Carolina Since 1949 by providing Superior Security fences and custom fabricated gate installations for the military including Army bases, Air Force bases, Marines bases, U.S. Reserves, Regional Airports including RDU, The Wright Brothers First Flight Airport in Kitty Hawk, industry, schools, large utility companies, and commercial General Contractors.

Seegars Fence Company Security Gates are American Made, fabricated, and powder-coated in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Access Control Gates are available with the latest top security keypads, anti-climb, and tamper-proof engineered design in adherence to UL 325 Safety Regulations. High-Speed Collision Barriers are available. There are 14 Seegars Fence Installation Branches across North Carolina and South Carolina standing ready to complete the mission of Aviation Perimeter Security.

Contact Your Nearest Seegars Fence Branch Office with any Aviation Perimeter Security Fence or Gate questions.

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