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Custom Gates & Fences for Richmond, VA

Have you ever noticed how much an impact a steel entrance gate can have on a property’s exterior? Or how an aluminum fence can transform an ordinary landscape into extraordinary? At Seegars Fence Company, we specialize in offering our residential and commercial fencing customers custom gates, fences, handrails and signs that are both affordable and guaranteed to weather the elements for years to come.

Our Richmond, VA custom gates and fences allow our customers the ultimate creative freedom and durability with their powder coat finish and innovative design. For more information about our Richmond custom fencing, contact us today. You can also browse our photo gallery for examples of our wide range of customized products.

State-of-the-Art Fencing Fabrication for Central Virginia

Do you strive to create a fencing product that is unlike any you have ever seen before? At Seegars, we offer Richmond homeowners and business owners alike the opportunity to express their creativity through our one-of-a-kind fence and gate fabrication shop in Goldsboro, NC.

Equipped with the latest and most innovative metalworks materials and techniques, Seegars is guaranteed to have a solution for your every gate or fence customization need. Whether you’re interested in landscape adornment or creating a show-stopping entrance gate – Seegars can help make your Central Virginia custom fencing dream a reality!

Our Richmond, VA custom fence and gate design process involves four simple steps:

  1. Consultation: At Seegars, our custom gate and fence design process begins as soon as you pick up the phone. Our ability to transform your vision starts with one of our Richmond, VA fencing design specialists meeting with you to discuss what it is you are looking for in a customized gate or fence.
  2. Design: Once we have figured out exactly what your vision for the project is, we will produce a rendering of the proposed project for you to issue your final stamp of approval to before the fabrication phase begins.
  3. Fabrication: Are you interested in a steel or aluminum fencing? Based on the type of fencing product you choose, we could have your custom gate or fence fabricated in as soon as a few weeks. We specialize in estate gates, dumpster screens, security gates, signs, railings and other customized projects.
  4. Installation: Once fabrication begins, you can feel certain that installation will soon follow. In our last 60+ years in the business, we have taken great strides to make the custom gate and fence installation process as simple as possible. If you have the vision, our Richmond fencing experts can guide you through the process to its fruition.

Call Seegars for Quality, Affordable Richmond Custom Fences & Gates

At Seegars, we are proud to offer our customers the greatest return on investment with our quality and affordable Richmond, VA custom fences and gates. And with our state-of-the-art steel and aluminum fabrication shop and powder coat line, you can feel confident in our Central Virginia fencing design professionals’ ability to take your landscape from lacking to luxurious in as little as four steps.

But don’t take our word on it – contact the dedicated customer service representatives at Seegars Fence Company’s Battery Dantzler Court office to get started today creating the custom fence or gate of your dreams! We are available by phone at (804) 768-6915. You can also fill out the attached contact form to request a free quote online.

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