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Custom Gate

Seegars Fence Company has truly become a leader in custom gate design and construction in the Southeast.

We offer a one-of-a-kind fence and gate fabrication shop located at our hub distribution location in Goldsboro, NC.  The state of the art plant is fully equipped to handle all of our residential and commercial clients’ fence customization needs. So whether you’re interested in landscape adornment, a security solution, showpiece entrance gates or anything in between, Seegars is here to turn your vision into a reality!

At Seegars, we are proud to offer a unique Powder Coating line that is used on many of our custom fence products. This powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder, creating a hard finish that is tougher and more durable than conventional paint.

Let Seegars Design & Install Custom Made Gates for Your Home or Business

If you’re interested in our steel or aluminum fence and gate options for your home, farm, vineyard, school, church or business and want a more personalized look to match the exterior style or your own personal taste:

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Commercial & Residential Custom Built Gates up to 85 Ft. Long

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The ideal gate configuration for your situation depends on many factors including physical restrictions, aesthetics, and budget. As you are considering the designs for your driveway, keep the following in mind:

• You only need one automatic opener, so it costs less.
• They require half the hardware (hinges, bolts, hinge posts, etc) compared to a double gate.
• You need more swing distance behind the gate. A 12ft single gate needs 12ft of space behind the gate to swing freely whereas a 12ft double gate would need only 6ft.
• You need a heavier duty post to hang the gate off of since all the weight is on one post.
• We recommend 14ft for the max width for a single swing gate.

• You need less swing distance behind the gate. A 12ft double gate would need only 6ft whereas a single gate would need all 12ft.
• Double gates can accommodate wider driveway openings than a single.
• These are the traditional look and have a more ‘elegant’ appearance when opening from the center.
• Double gates require more hardware (hinges, bolts, hinge posts, etc).
• If automating the gates, it will be more expensive since you will need an opener motor for each leaf.

In most cases, residential customers choose swing gates. But, swing gates aren’t always possible. Here are 2 situations where that happens:
1. There isn’t room for the swing gate to open. Slide gates are for very tight/compact spaces where swinging isn’t possible.
2. There’s a huge upward slope going into your driveway. You could still install a swing gate in this case, but it would have to open toward your car as you enter your driveway if you do. If you’re afraid your visitors will misjudge the distance your swing gates open and that they might accidentally hit them, a slide gate would be better.

If the approach to your entry is a straight shot you can use a smaller gate such as a 12′ single if it clears your driveway; if the approach is at an angle or if it curves sharply, consider using a wider bi-parting gate.

Seegars driveway gates are designed so you can take them with you if you move. Our systems also can be adjusted over time when the land moves. This is a signature feature of our gates that set them apart.

Talk through the personalized options with your local Seegars Office today.